15 best tree saddle for hunting 2021 – Reviews and buyer’s guide

Saddle hunting is a great concept for hunting above ground level that flies against the grain of conventional tree stand that most hunters are familiar with. Never should you be too afraid to try out new hunting style and if saddle hunting is one you wish to try out, you then need to get the best tree saddle for hunting that will support your weight.

What is hunting tree saddle?

This is a system that gives hunters a wide range option or platform to hunt on the tree with the opportunity to move into position and shoot in multiple directions. With a tree saddle, you have 360-degree shooting movement around any tree which makes it a better option to conventional stands that limit your shooting ranges.

Parts of a tree saddle

tree saddle for hunting

It is very important that you know the parts of the tree saddle as that will help you in establishing a great relationship with the hunting device whenever you get on the tree to hunt with one. there are just seven important parts that you must give maximum attention to  and they are:

Saddle – From the image above, you will clearly see that the man on the tree has his buttock on an object called the saddle. it is the part of the tree saddle where the hunter suspend all its body weight as it serves as the support needed for comfort and convenience on the tree. It is more like a seat in design.

Lineman’s belt – Another part of the tree saddle is the lineman’s belt. also, from the picture, you will see clearly that the lineman’s belt is one of the two channels that connect the hunter to the tree. It helps to keep you suspending on the tree and helps in moving from one position to another on the tree.

Carabiner – Every part of the tree saddles work in hand to ensure you are safe on the tree and one of them is the carabiner. It is the device that connects the tether to the string of the tree stand to ensure your saddle is in a good position.

Bridge – The bridge is a simple component of the tree saddle but an important one that acts as a spacer for the strings.

Tree tether – The tree tether is an important part of a tree saddle that connects you safely to the tree and ensures you can easily move around for a perfect and accurate shot. This usually includes a rope of different length, ultra-lite carabiner and prusik cord.

knee pads – This is one of the personal protective equipment [PPE] needed for tree hunting so that you do not harm your knee on occasion whereby your tree saddle fails.

Platform ( steps or platform) – It is the device like a tree stand you can place your foot for balance when on the tree. Also, you can use spikes instead. It all depends on your choice and budget.

Best hunting tree saddle comparison table

Image Product Features View

  • Adjustable buckles
  • High strength polyester material
  • Strong stitching
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  • Built for comfort
  • Convenient adjustment
  • DOUBLEBACK PLUS self-locking buckles
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  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Adjustable with easy to use buckles
  • Contoured mesh padding
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  • Adjustable leg loops
  • Polyester with a reinforced tie-in point and stitching
  • Perfect frame construction
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  • Shoulder straps
  • Perfect frame construction
  • Adjustable leg loops
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  • High-quality climbing and personal protective equipment
  • Adjustable sliding D-ring
  • Comfortable and effective work position
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  • Designed for hanging and removing treestands
  • Slide pocket design
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  • Lightweight and compact
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Easy adjustment
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  • Comfortable positioning
  • Tailored to a woman’s physique
  • Waistbelt is flexible
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  • Unique design with fashion appearance
  • Durable Bearing Loop
  • Maximum Breaking Strength
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Best tree saddle for hunting

Tree saddle for hutning

1. Sushiyi Adjustable Thickness Climbing Harness

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2. Sequoia SRT Tree Care Seat Harness, Black

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3. Notch Sentinel Harness

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4. HaoFst Half Body Climbing Harness

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5. Full Body Safety Harness Safe Seat Belt

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6. Singing Rock Timber Arbor Harness

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7. Hunter Safety System Hanger Harness

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8. SITTA, Climbing Harness for Professionals

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9. PETZL Women’s Selena Climbing Harness

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10. Weanas Professional Full Body Safety Climbing Harness

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11. TRIWONDER Climbing Harnesses

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12. Palmer Safety Full Body Harness

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13. Malta Dynamics Warthog Comfort MAXX Construction Harness

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14. KwikSafety (Charlotte, NC) THUNDER COMBO

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15. PETZL AVAO BOD Harness

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Importance or benefits of using tree saddle

tree saddle for hunting

Most hunters wouldn’t leave a conventional hunting stand for tree saddle if not for some benefits and that is exactly what you are about to find out.

  • Safety

Falling off from a tree stand is very common among hunters and that is basically because of the way tree stand is structured as some do not come with the adequate support needed to keep you on the tree for long. But with tree saddle, there has been a low record of those who fall while using one. It is the safest system for hunting on a tree as it helps to keep you safe.

  • Minimizes noise

One of the things you can’t do away with totally when hunting with tree stand is the sound and noise from it gives whenever you want to move or change your direction and that can easily catch the attention of your prey and make them flee.

However, with the use of tree saddle, you can go about moving from one place to another on the tree without giving any sound which makes it a great one for all hunters.

  • Movement

If you are a hunter and you have the option to choose from two devices of which one gives you 360-degree movement and the other limit or restrict your movement, which will you opt for? That is the scenario with a tree stand and tree saddle. With tree saddle, you can move around on the tree, face any direction and shoot from different angle and direction but you are limited when using a tree stand.

  • Versatility

Tree saddle can be used on both large and small diameter trees and that means you have less to worry about the kind of trees you will find in your hunting sites. But with a tree stand, you must get a tree that has a similar size to the structure of the stand for it to be used on the tree.

  • Lightweight

On a final note as regarding the importance of a tree saddle, it is lightweight and can be carried about easily. Due to the heaviness of some tree stand, some hunters have a record of the stolen stand all because they find it stressful to remove from the tree because most of them are heavy.

How to hunt from a tree saddle

tree saddle

If you are a beginner hunter or a seasoned hunter and you desire to participate in tree saddle hunting, then it is important that you know how it works. Hunting from a tree saddle is easy only if you know the right thing to do but it can be hell as well if you have little or no knowledge.

Note: After going through this and you still get confused or you need more clarity, you can watch the video below to help you through the process of using a tree saddle for tree hunting.

Step One – Get your tree saddle: There are different types of tree saddle in the market. They vary in price, style and prices. So getting one all depends on your preference and your budget. Mind you, you can participate in tree hunting without a quality tree saddle.

Step Two – Get all required gear: Now that you have your saddle with you, you might have to strap in your knee pad, your sturdy hunting boot and as well make use of stand spikes or spurs. The spike will help you have solid grip on the tree while you climb up to your desired height for hunting.

Step Three – Select the tree: You should head over to your hunting site and select the right tree that you will love to hunt from. Your choice should be based on how close it is to the proximity where you can get your prey easily.

Step Four – Strap the tree saddle: The next step for you is to get the tree saddle on you while you secure it around the tree with the help of the string and carabiner.

Step Five – Move steadily: Movement up the tree with tree saddle is not something you can do with a rush. You have to be steady with your movement due to the fact that some tree has bark and they can easily peel off. So, to avoid any casualty, it is important that you move slowly.

Watch this video – Saddle hunter climbing technique

Tree saddle hunting tips and tricks

Tips and tricks don’t mean you can find yourself on the tree without climbing. This just tells you what you can do to keep safe and enjoy your hunting outing.

[1] Do not use a tree saddle if you do not know its condition

[2] Ensure that there is no wear and tear on the string

[3] Check the saddle and ensure it can support your weight easily

[4] Ensure the carabiner is well secured

[5] Stay focus when climbing and become less distracted

[6] Don’t lean on the tree but pull your body away from it while you have your leg only on the tree

[7] Climb gently and also get down with slow progression

Tree saddles buyers guide

tree saddles

Yes, you need a tree saddle to participate in saddle hunting but there are some important things that you need to consider to help you in making the right decision.

  • Durability

You need to have this as one of the major factors to consider. If you will be getting a tree saddle, you should get the one that is durable and can serve you for a very long period. A tree saddle is not a device you will want to constantly invest your money into and that is why you should get yourself the one that will last longer.

  • Safety

Your safety is the first above all. If your tree saddle comes with a string that is too tiny or weak to support the saddle, then you should look elsewhere. Your safety should never be compromised and that is the reason you should consider a tree saddle that has secured parts to ensure you can not fall off the tree easily.

  • Comfort

Over time, you have to stay longer on the tree hunting for hours and then, you need to remain comfortable while on the tree and that is why you should consider your comfort as another factor when choosing a tree saddle. The tree saddle must not be too tight and to loosen for you. So, you have to be sure you are getting a device that will keep you comfortable for your hunting routine.

  • Weight

Another important factor that you need to consider is the weight capacity of the tree saddle. It is very important that you choose a tree saddle that will support your weight as it will help to enhance your performance on the tree. So, never overlook the weight recommendation of the tree saddle.

Frequently asked questions

What is a tree saddle?

Tree saddle is a device that is been used by hunters to get on the tree. It is been used for hunting which is another platform for those who do not love to use a tree stand.

Are tree saddles safe?

From reviews and research, it is the safest as regarding hunting on the tree.

Is saddle hunting comfortable?

It is comfortable considering the design which comes with a saddle for you to suspend your body. But you are in the right position to tell what is comfortable for you.

How tight should a saddle be?

Your tree saddle should enable you to move around on the tree easily and at the same time, it has to be firm on you. So you decide how you want it to be tight as you can easily detect your comfort zone while strapping it around you.


Just as said earlier, tree saddle for hunting is not new to hunting world and most seasoned hunters. The only setback is that most haven’t tried it and some do not have the courage to give it a trial. However, with the importance on this page, I hope I’ve been able to convince you on the use of a tree saddle for hunting and we have the lists of the best for you to consider.

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