10 best bow quiver for recurve in 2021 – Bow Quivers for Hunting

Bow quiver is one important hunting tool that is responsible for holding arrows. Take note that there are different kinds of bows and for the sake of this post, we focus on the recurve bow. Getting a bow quiver for recurve is never a bad investment for archers or hunters that find pleasure in using recurve bow or takedown recurve bow above any other bows.

Styles of bow quiver

bow quiver for recurve

  • One piece

  • Two-piece

A typical bow-mounted quiver attaches to the bow through a small bracket (this is usually with two screws which attach at the sight plate). The entire body of the quiver will clips in and out of the bracket, thereby allowing the quiver to effortlessly attach and detach from the bow. It is this kind of bow quiver that is referred to as a “one-piece” quiver and they fit any accessory since it comes with universal settings. Also, any kind of bow with a standard sight can accept any standard one-piece quiver.

Furthermore, there is some kind of quivers that mount directly to the bow’s riser (frame/handle) and comes with separate upper and lower assemblies – they are called the “two-piece” quiver, and it mostly for compatibility, they require some specific hardware of brands & model of a bow.

The quality quiver for recurve bow in 2020

1. Selway Slide On Stick Quiver Recurve Rawhide

Selway Slide On Stick Quiver Recurve Rawhide
  • Selway's exclusive Rawhide quiver hoods are all hand made in a long and drawn process.
  • Slide-on quiver's for Traditional Recurves and Longbows come in Rawhide and Soft-Koat models.
  • For the Slide-on Quiver you will pick either Longbow or Recurve model. They fit left or right hand and come in 4, 5, or 6 arrow models.

The Selway Slide On Stick Quiver Recurve Rawhide is a great choice for everyone that is interested in a super lightweight designed quiver. It looks very nice and offers lots of benefits such as reducing limb reduction. This is undoubtedly one of the great bow quivers you will ever find in the market.

The limb gripper of the quiver stretches and conforms to your bow to ensure it remains in position. This quiver fits bows with up to a 2-inch wide limb and it fits perfectly for both right-hand or left-hand bows. This can easily hold up to six arrows.


  • Perfect for right and left-handed bows
  • Hold six arrows
  • Fits bows with up to a 2-inch wide limb
  • Limb gripper components stretch and conform to your bow


  • Fairly expensive

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2. Legend XT320 Recurve Bow Hip Quiver

Legend XT320 Recurve Bow Hip Quiver - 3 Tube Cases for Arrows - Archery Accessories for Adults (Blue/Right)
  • TOUGH; The Legend XT320 arrow quiver is engineered from the most durable materials; With reinforced stitching and woven nylon specifically crafted to withstand snags, tears and rips, our hip quiver is as tough as you; The XT320 quiver is also water resistant for added protection from the elements
  • PRACTICAL; This quiver for arrows is front facing and features three arrow tubes that are always within easy reach; The XT320 archery quiver comes in both right and left handed versions so everybody can use it for their archery arrows
  • ADJUSTABLE; Our recurve bow quiver has a secure nylon waist strap that can be adjusted to fit people with up to a 42” waist; The XT320 recurve quiver is secured with a reinforced quick release buckle that makes wearing our archery equipment headache free
  • PROFESSIONAL; Legend hip quivers for arrows are developed in close consultation with high level archery experts to ensure that our archery hip quivers consistently meet your expectations; For belt quivers that never compromise on quality, Legend has the answer

The Legend XT320 Recurve Bow Hip Quiver is quite different from other quivers as it is made from high-quality material that makes it tough and fit to handle the purpose of its creation. The weatherproof woven nylon material ensures you can use it for a longer duration without buying a new quiver year in year out.

This comes in a wide range of colors for you to choose the one that interests you. One of the reasons you should consider above others is the quick release system which makes it quite effortless for you to take off your arrow holder in a snap.

The Legend hip quiver has three arrow compartment tubes that you can easily reach out to. They are well designed to ensure they can hold your arrows conveniently without hassles. Furthermore, it can be used by both right and left-handed individuals.


  • Extremely tough for any condition
  • Adjustable
  • Ideal for left and right-handed
  • Water-resistant


  • None

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3. Kwikee Kwiver Original Four Arrow Quiver

Kwikee Kwiver - Original Four Arrow Quiver - Two Part Recurve Quiver & Cover - KDKKV - Black - Archery Accessories – Lightweight Quivers and Accessories for Hunting
  • Lightweight 2 piece quiver designed for laminated recurve and longbows
  • Slides onto edge of bow limb and fastens with spring steel clamps
  • Artic-2 arrow holders hold wood, aluminum and carbon shafts ¼ inch and larger
  • Improved broadhead shield clips on to spare arrow and accepts all heads

There are different options for you in the market and one of them is the Kwikee Kwiver quiver. It is a cheap and affordable quiver that can be considered for hunting especially with keeping your recurve bow and arrows where you can easily reach out to them.

It is a lightweight quiver that is perfect for laminated recurve and longbows. It boasts of artic 2 arrow holders which stay pliable to below zero. This slides onto the edge of the bow limb and then fastens with the help of the spring clamps.

This model is perfect for hunting or target practice. It proves as one of the ways to stay organized and prepared for any hunting task. This technically holds three arrows as the broadhead shield has its way of hindering the fourth arrow from sitting properly.


  • Perfect for recurve and longbows
  • Give rooms for three arrows
  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • Great design
  • Cheap and affordable


  • The fourth arrow slot is hindered by the broadhead shield

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4. Legend Quiver First Recurve Hip Quiver

Legend Quiver First Recurve Hip Quiver for Arrows with 3 Tubes and Adjustable Belt - Lightweight Accessories for Target Archery (Black/Purple)
  • STRONG; The Legend quiver FIRST is crafted with woven nylon and reinforced stitching; This tear resistant quiver for arrows will rips and snags; Our hip quiver is also weather resistant, giving you an additional layer of protection against mother nature
  • PRACTICAL; With three arrow tubes that ensure your equipment is always within arms’ reach, this archery quiver is front facing; Measuring 17” in length, our recurve quiver also comes in six attractive colors to suit every taste
  • ADJUSTABLE; This recurve quiver attaches to the adjustable belt and can be positioned comfortably on the waist to suit your individual preference; Our recurve bow quiver has a secure nylon belt and quick release buckle that can be adjusted to fit people with up to a 42” waist
  • PROFESSIONAL; Legend hip quivers for arrows are developed in close consultation with high level archery experts to ensure that our archery hip quivers consistently meet your expectations; For belt quivers that never compromise on quality, Legend has the answer

This dynamic designed Legend quiver is made with high-quality materials that boast of reinforced stitching which makes it durable for the toughest archery or hunting task. The woven nylon material makes it weather resistant and also resistant to wear and tear.

The construction makes it entirely easy for you to use. It has a quick-release system which makes it smooth for you to easily access your arrows. It comes in 6 different attractive colors for you to choose the one that you love.

The quiver attaches to the adjustable belt and this makes it so easy for you to position it comfortably on your waist. It thus passes through several tests and came out approved as one of the best for archers and hunters. It has many pocket options so you do not lack anything once you acquire the bow quiver.


  • Quick-release system
  • Adjustable settings
  • Outer mesh pocket
  • Resistant to tear and weather
  • Durable with high-quality stitches


  • We couldn’t notice a significant setback

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5. Trophy Ridge Hex Light 2 Piece 5 Arrow Quiver

Trophy Ridge Hex Light 2 Piece 5 Arrow Quiver, Black
  • Two-piece 5 arrow quiver design with LED lights
  • Built-in LED lights illuminate arrows and surroundings in low light
  • Smaller hood design perfect for hunters who do not remove the quiver from the bow
  • Customizable dual arrow grippers

The Trophy Ridge Hex Light 2 Piece 5 Arrow Quiver is a perfect fit for hunters who are looking for the easiest means to have access to their arrows when hunting or during shooting practice. The quiver makes use of dual arrow grippers and the soft-touch hood of the quiver makes it fit to accommodate mechanical broadheads and fixed them without any risk of deploying.

The bow quiver comes with an easy to operate the system. It is very easy to use, and it easily attaches to a bow with multiple mounting posts. Also, it comes with built-in LED lights that help to illuminate the arrows and the surroundings whenever you are in a low light environment.


  • Built-in LED light
  • 5 Arrow quiver design
  • Easily attaches to a bow
  • Dual arrow grippers
  • Smaller hood design


  • It has no significant setback

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6. XTACER Multi-Function 4-Tubes Back Field Quiver

XTACER Multi-Function 4-Tubes Back Field Quiver Training Archery Arrow Quiver for Field Tips Arrows Takedown Bow (Black)
  • Black Field Quiver, Handy buckles
  • Construct of Oxford cloth, 4-Tubes, durable and easy to carry. The diameter of tube is 29mm(1.15in), for Field tips Arrow.
  • Durable and convenient to store your arrows. It can hold your takedown bow.
  • Large carrying capacity, very cool and fashionable.

The XTACER multi-function 4-tubes backfield quiver training archery arrow quiver is a perfect choice for field tips arrow takedown bow.  The quiver is fashionable and made with high-quality materials which makes it boasts of great durability and a long life span.

Constructed of Oxford cloth, it has 4 tubes that are perfect for holding bows. The convenience of carrying your arrows is one reason you should consider it above some other quivers. With the three-point harness, you can easily carry the quiver on your back and move anywhere easily.


  • Three-point harness
  • Very easy to carry
  • Perfect for four arrows
  • It can carry a takedown bow


  • It has no significant setback

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7. LimbSaver Silent Quiver for Bow Hunting

LimbSaver 1000806 Silent Quiver Onepiece Mathews Lost Camo
  • Made of highest quality material
  • Manufacturer: Limbsaver
  • Limbsaver silent quiver one piece Mathews lost Camo
  • Navcom hood

The LimbSaver silent quiver for bow hunting comes with a universal design that makes it fit both fixed and expandable broadheads. It is made from lightweight materials that make it solid to hold arrows. The quiver features an ultra-quiet NAVCOM hood, a quick detach system, and a double rubber gripper.

The design of the quiver makes it so easy for you to have access to your arrows without hassles.  With the design and other features it comes with, it is the best to consider for hunters that don’t want to be noticed.


  • No Noise or vibration
  • Perfect for fixed and expandable broadheads
  • Lightweight design
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Fits all arrow sizes
  • Quick detach


  • None

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8. Easton Flipside 3-Tube Hip Quiver

Easton Flipside 3-Tube Hip Quiver, Black, Left/Right
  • Reversible hook and loop pocket for ambidextrous Use
  • Integrated accessory attachment grommet, belt Clip attachment and Bow square slot
  • Three tube design to keep arrows organized
  • Reversible hook and loop pocket for ambidextrous use

The Easton flipside 3-tube hip quiver comes in four different options for you to consider. The quiver comes with a reversible hook and loop pocket which makes it perfect for both right-handed and left-handed applications. It has a soft and comfortable harness which makes it comfy for you to carry on your back.

The three-tube design helps to keep your arrows organized. Also, you have the integrated accessory attachment grommet, belt clip attachment, and bow square slot. It is such a perfect choice for hunters in search of the easiest means to have access to their arrows.


  • Ambidextrous use
  • Tube design which makes the arrows organized
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Made from high-quality materials


  • None

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9. G4Free Archery Back Arrow Quiver

G4Free Archery Back Arrow Quiver Shooting Shoulder Hanged Target Arrow Bag Holder
  • Made of Canvas, Very durable material, water resistant
  • Size: length approx. 21.7inch. Three-points carry system. Lightweight and comfortable, it can hold about 30 arrows (other can hold 24 arrows only)
  • Easy to carry and take off, Accommodates arrows of any length
  • Large front storage pocket with quality zipper. It can hold your arm guard, arrows puller and other archery accesories

The G4Free Archery Back Arrow Quiver is another quiver you can consider for shooting practice or for any hunting outing. The quiver is made from high-quality canvas material that is very durable and resistant to water. It comes with a three-point carry system which makes it lightweight and comfortable to carry from one place to another.

The quiver is a great choice for hunters that has lots of arrows to carry as it boasts of a capacity to hold 30 arrows. The large storage front pocket has a quality zipper. Also, the design of the quiver allows the storage of every other archery accessories you’ve got.


  • Perfect for both left and right-handed shooters
  • Ideal for target shooting practice
  • 30 arrows capacity
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Durable
  • Three point carry system


  • None

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10. Kwikee Kwiver Kompound

Kwik ee Quiver K6Black 6 Arrow Quiver Black
  • OVER A MILLION QUIVERS SOLD AND STILL COUNTING: Founded in 1957 by a WW II veteran pilot who created the bow-mounted quiver, we've been building trust through a tradition of quality, innovation and satisfied customers ever since
  • MULTI-PURPOSE & USER FRIENDLY: Equipped to hold a large range of shaft diameters, the Kwikee Kompound 6 is 12" long and weighs just 8.7 oz while also featuring our famous quick-detach system. The result, a product that's comfortable and simple to use
  • BUILT FOR DURABILITY IN ALL CLIMATES: Unlike other nylon made quivers that can become brittle and break, we use a shatterproof polymer construction to ensure that your quiver remains in tact and ready when you need it
  • WORRY-FREE ARROW SECURITY: Our proprietary Arctic II rubber gripper is designed to stay pliable in a wide range of temperatures and securely holds arrows, removing worry about slips so you can focus on what's important

The Kwikee Kwiver Kompound makes the last on this list and it comes with 6 slots for arrows. It is a detachable designed bow quiver and it can be used for a long haul. The quiver comes with seven different options for you to choose the one that interest or meet your needs.

The design of the quiver integrates a mounting bracket that allows easy on and off access without removing the arrows. The arrow gripper allows the arrows to remain in place and as well stay pliable in a wide range of temperatures.


  • Ultra-lock screw
  • No vibration
  • Quality arrow gripper
  • Carries 6 arrows
  • Detachable bow quiver


  • None

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How do you put a quiver on a recurve bow?

Benefits of using recurve bow quiver

quiver for bow

There has been a debate on whether a bow quiver is effective or not. However, these benefits we are about to share with you shows how indispensable recurve bow quivers are for hunters or archers. This is not a means to convince you but to show you how important it is to own one.

Protect arrows

One of the best parts of having a bow quiver is that you do not need to worry about your arrow storage and how to keep them safe. Most people have complained or experienced cases whereby their arrows got damaged as a result of putting it in the bag. So, to avoid this and ensure the lifespan of the arrows is prolonged, then you need to keep them in your quiver.

Easy Storage and Removal

The convenience and ease of reaching out to your arrows are some of the things that interest most hunters and archers to use quivers. It might take a while for you to reach out to your arrows if you keep them in the bag but with the use of a quiver, you can easily whip any of the arrows out from the quiver in comfort to aim and shoot at your target.

Lightweight and Durable

Once you get a quiver that is made from quality material, you do not have to worry about anything. Most of them are lightweight, durable, and flexible, making it so easy for you to carry from one place to another without hassles.

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Types of bow quivers

best bow quiver

Apart from knowing the benefits of bow quiver, it is important that you get to know there are different types in the market. You should be aware of this information to guide you through so that you do not end up getting a quiver that isn’t perfect for your style of hunting.

Back Quivers

The first style or type is called the back quiver. It is built with a strap so that you can easily wear and move around freely. It takes the form of a backpack which makes it convenient to use. It is a great choice for hunters and archers as it gives the platform to reach out to arrows behind them without any difficulty.

Quivers with back style comes in different styles and capacity and that is one of those things that you need to consider during the purchase.

Bow Quivers

This is the type that is ideal for recurve or compound bows. This gives you the platform to easily reach out to your arrows and shot at your target easily. They are not designed to accommodate many arrows, and that is why you need to understand the capacity of the bow you are about to get.

Ground Quivers

Another type of quiver is ground quivers. This type can stand on the ground to carry lots of arrows. The only setback is that it is quite difficult to carry around which makes it a no-go area for those looking for a mobile quiver.

Pocket Quivers

Pocket quivers act just like having additional pockets on the side or back. It is also one of the choices to consider as it makes it easier for archers to reach out to arrows easily.

Hip Quivers

Another style of quiver you should consider is the hip quivers. This can be attached to the back of the archers for convenience with the use of straps and it is ideal for both right and left-handed archers.

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Does shooting with a bow quiver affect accuracy?

How to mount a bow quiver?


How do you wear a hip quiver?

Can a recurve bow be left strung?

Do all quiver fit all bows?

How do you put an arrow in a quiver?

How many arrows can fit in a quiver?

Should I use a DIY recurve bow quiver?

How to choose the best bow quiver for recurve and compound bows


There is no trick to choosing the best quiver for hunting or archery rather than to strictly follow all the instructions and guidelines which most people refer to as factors or vital things to consider.

Best ski boots for beginners

  • Arrow capacity

There are different kinds of quivers you will find in the market and they differ in their capacity. Some can easily carry a large number of arrows while some can only accommodate small numbers of arrows. All that is important regarding this factor is to figure out the arrows you have or intend to get and ensure your quiver can accommodate all.

  • Color

The design and color of the quiver is another factor or part that you need to consider. You do not want to get a quiver you wouldn’t want to use. So, getting one that you will derive joy in using is a good choice to make.

  • Material

Over time, that determines the quality of a product is the material it is made from. It is also important you know that the material of a quiver has a significant impact on the archer’s performance. Ensure that the material is of lightweight quality so that you can easily carry it from one place to another easily.

  • Length 

If you are getting a quiver, you need to ensure that the height is one of those things to consider. The height of the arrows must match up with that of the quiver. Any quiver that is smaller than the arrow will make it quite hard to keep the arrows in place and if the quiver is longer than the arrow, to reach out to your arrows easily will be difficult.

  • Noise reduction

If you are getting a quiver for shooting practice alone, you do not bother about this factor. But if you are using for hunting and archery, then you should consider it.

Get a quiver with a noise reduction feature as it will ensure your arrow shafts in the quiver do not make noise whenever you ever try to remove your arrows.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do all quivers fit all bows?

Any quiver should fit any bow comfortably. However, some are designed for recurve and some for takedown bows. You are advised to check the compatibility with your bow before purchase.

  • What quiver holds the most arrows?

The G4Free Archery Back Arrow Quiver has 30 arrows capacity which is the highest I’ve seen

  • How do you wear a quiver?

Some come with harness design which makes you carry on your back. You can just wear just like you do with a shoulder bag.


Do you use a recurve bow or takedown bow for hunting and you want the easiest means to reach out to your arrows without stress, then you should consider a bow quiver for recurve. We know how difficult it might be to find the perfect choice for you with the numbers on the market. So, we have made a list of the quality and yet affordable ones you can consider above.

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