6 best ozone bag for hunting 2021 – Reviews and buyer’s guide

Why do you have to bother yourself on getting all kind of scent killer and spray for your hunting bag when you can get all in one package? I guess you don’t know that. With any of the ozone bag for hunting, you do not need to spend extra on getting and scent eliminator device.

This has been my secret over years and I must say it has saved me a huge amount of money for buying scent sprayer day in day out. All you have to do is to place all my hunting tools in the bag and allow the ozone therein kills all kind of scent that could affect my hunting performance. Reminder: Those animals out there are blessed with a higher sense of smell. So, be prepared.

Best ozone bag for hunting

ozone bag for hunting

1. Scent Crusher Roller Bag with Ozone Generator

This is exactly all that you need to attack the stubborn scent that you find hard to get rid of from your hunting gear. It is highly effective and efficient to the point it can get rid of scent and destroy odours within 30 minutes of application. Indeed, it isn’t just a crusher but thus carry out the task of crushing perfectly.

This powerful scent crusher ozone technology covers every area of the bag and ensures you have scent-free hunting equipment to use. It works before and after the hunt and so, you do not have to worry about how your body or gear scent will affect your hunting performance even if you hunt in an area where your targets have a high sense of smell such as deer.

The scent crusher is a big investment for you as you can use it for 365 days for your sports gear, work clothes, shoes, hunting gear and even in your car. It is a versatile and multipurpose device that comes with your big bag. You just need to remove by unzipping its pocket and use where you intend to using it.

Moving the bag from one place to another is easier for anyone. It comes with heavy-duty wheels and extendable handle which makes it easy to carry and move. To operate the ozone machine, you need to make use of the 110V charger in your home or use your 12V car adapter when driving to your hunting site.


  • Maintenance-free
  • 356 days of activeness
  • Perfect for destroying odours
  • Easy to carry and move with extendable handle and wheel
  • Big compartment for storage of many things
  • Ideal for clothes, hunting gear, sports material and can be used in your car to disinfect


  • The bag is not resistant to water

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2. ScentLok OZ Active Odor Destroyer

You no longer have to worry about contaminant build-up in your hunting gear. All you need is to put then into ScentLok OZ Active Odor Destroyer OZ Chamber 8K Bag and allow the powerful ozone technology crush every form of bacteria, viruses and sweat that causes odours. It destroys odours and ensures you have scent-free clothes and hunting gear.

This works powerfully in such a way that it is designed not to leave any trace of odour after its application. Its use is a vital step for success to all hunters that understand the importance of destroying scent before going to hunt.

The ozone in the bag destroys odours in a natural way leaving the air fresh and clean. This system works with Cycleclean which is completely chemical and fragrance-free. This makes it eco-friendly and safe to use with no threat to one’s health.

The bag is made of 600D PVC backed polyester fabric which contributes to the toughness and durability of the bag. Also, it boasts of DWR finish which helps to wick away moisture. With five internal mesh pockets, adjustable or removable carrying strap, you’ve got all that you need to have the best hunting experience.

Storing your hunting tools in the ScentLok bag is the first step to succeeding in your hunting quest. Also, the bag has OZInject internal piping system to distribute ozone evenly in the bag which means no area is left untouched.


  • Destroys odours naturally
  • Eco-friendly and safe to use
  • Very easy to carry
  • Made from higher quality material
  • Flawless system design


  • The bag is not resistant to water

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3. Dead Down Wind Dead Zone System

Your battle with crushing bacteria, viruses, mould that leads to odours in your hunting gear is over with the use of Dead Down Wind Dead Zone System Scent Protection Hunting Bag. This bag has come to your rescue and you’ve got yourself a great deal by investing in it. It offers all you’ve been in search for as regarding the simplest and easiest means to destroy odour.

Every hunter knows the importance of destroying odour from their hunting gear and so, you’ve got to opt for the effective and trusted means to do that. Some animals are highly sensitive to small such as deer and to give them no clue of your presence in the hunting site, you need this bag.

All you just have to do is place all your hunting clothes therein with other hunting gear and let it destroy the odour in its natural way. It is built to handle the toughest hunting task and that is the reason the buildup comprises of higher quality materials. It is strong and very durable.

Also, it has a waterproof feature which makes it an all-year-round bag for hunting. Furthermore, It has heavy-duty straps which makes it easy for you to convey from one place to another. Also, it is safe to use with no threat to your health. Also, it has a 360-degree ozone circulation system which ensures the ozone is evenly distributed.


  • Resistant to water
  • Perfect for a hunting adventure
  • Large compartment for big storage
  • One-year warranty
  • Safe to use
  • Eco-friendly
  • Heavy-duty handles for easy movement


  • No significant setback

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4. Scent Crusher Ozone Gear Bag

The Scent Crusher Ozone Gear Bag is the right choice for eliminating odours on your gear. It works effectively on destroying sweat, soaps, perfume, and many more. It works efficiently to ensure it kills all organism that leads to the production of odours such as bacteria and virus. Also, it is chemical-free and that makes it safe to use for all.

This is perfect at keeping all your hunting gear odourless. It has a big compartment to accommodate lots of hunting gears and it can help you get rid of scent before and after hunting. The design integrates handles that makes it very easy for you to move from one place to another.

The design of the bag boasts of high-quality material with topnotch stitches which makes it last longer with no record or report of wear or tear. It includes a digital ozone generator that quickly destroys all kinds of bacteria thereby ensuring you have a safe place for your gears.

This works by removing human odours from clothing and it has a long-term lifespan of two years. Hunters that hunt deer should consider this over any other.


  • Quickly destroys bacteria and viruses
  • Eliminate human odours
  • Perfect for neutralizing odours and scents on hunting gear
  • Quality zippers to keep your things in place
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for easy movement


  • None

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5. ScentLok OZ Rolling Chamber + OZ500 Combo

The ScentLok OZ Rolling Chamber + OZ500 Combo is another bag you can consider. This is sure a perfect fit for those in search of a perfect bag to convey their hunting gear from one place to another. It has an amazing design and the construction boasts of nothing but the best quality materials which makes it last longer.

The durability of the bag is never questionable as it comes with higher quality stitches which ensures it doesn’t wear or tear easily. Transporting it from one place to another is easy with the assistance of the extendable handle and durable rear wheels. Indeed, it is built to protect your hunting gear and offer the easiest means to haul them to where needed.

The bag has CycleClean in the system which helps in deodorizing the whole compartment in the bag and also destroy the odours. It totally eliminates the odours from all aspects and ensures you do not give your target the chance to be aware of your presence.


  • Adjustable handle
  • Even distribution of the ozone emission
  • Destroy odours in a natural way
  • Transport gears easily


  • None

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6. Scent Crusher Realtree Camo Gear Bag

The Scent Crusher Realtree Camo Gear Bag with Ozone Generator is a choice for most hunters that knows how important it is to destroy odours. Odours are caused by germs and the easiest and safest way to destroy them is through the use of this ozone device that is integrated into the big bag.

You can easily sanitize your gear on your way to the hunting site through the use of the 12V vehicle adapter. This emission from the device completely crush odours and ensures you have the hunting gear that is free of body and all sort of scent.

This totally eliminates your need to constantly wash your hunting clothes and some other gear with the goal of destroying scent. It doesn’t work that way most time and that is the reason you should stop using chemicals. This device works 365 days to ensure you are safe and sound.


  • Powerful and effective
  • Safe to use
  • Sanitize easily


  • None

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Why choose a hunting bag with Ozone?

ozone bag for hunting

There are many reasons you should consider a hunting bag with the integration of Ozone device.

  • Saves money

If you are familiar with the use of scent killers such as the spray, detergent and spray, you will notice you have to constantly renew them because they don’t last long. With the use of a bag integrated with OZONE, you can easily sterilize and kill all sort of scent and odour from your hunting tools. All that is required is to place then in the bag and allow the material therein to do the work on your way to the hunting site.

  • Safety

One of the reasons you should get an ozone scent bag is that safety of using it. Compared to use the spray and some machines, none is as safe as the use of OZONE. It doesn’t have any threat to one’s health and that makes it so safe to use for all.

  • Leave no scent

Most scent killers, sprayers and all are used to eliminate scent on hunting equipment before any hunting task. Their effect on hunting equipment elapse after most hunting performance but the ozone can help to get rid of odour and scent before and after the hunt. So, it apparently leaves no scent.

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How to protect the ozone device in the bag?

How to use the ozone bag for a longer period should be your major concern before or after acquiring it. This has been the major mistake most people make with acquiring new products and you shouldn’t follow suit. Therefore, if you are getting an ozone bag for hunting, there are important things that you need to consider.

  • Avoid hit

Sometimes, we find it easy to forget we have something that can get damaged with us while taking some decision or step. While some actions can’t be questioned, you can still do all it takes to give attention to somethings. For instance, you are faced with the task to run while you have your bag with you, then you should be more careful not to hit the device on anything.

Also, you should be careful with how you place the bag on the floor. Do not just drop the bag on the floor as any impact with the floor can lead to any form of damages that will make the device to malfunction.

  • Keep it away from moisture always

If you are a newbie with hunting, we are telling you that you need to know how to understand the weather for any hunting task. It is always advisable that you read the weather forecast and understand what the day brings before you ever set out to hunt. Most seasoned hunters don’t ignore this.

So, while you have a device to help you understand the weather, you should also get prepared for days that you will get caught in the rain. Moisture will definitely destroy some components in the device and cause it to malfunction which is the reason most bag comes with a housing that helps to keep it almost out of reach of the water.

So, do not use anywhere close moisture and if you have to go through the water to your hunting site, you should take it above the water level and that will surely help to prolong the lifespan of the machine.

  • Listen to your device

Just like your body tells you that you are hungry, the same way your device speaks to you but what makes the difference is that you do not hear or know how the ozone bag speaks. To ensure that you use the machine for a longer period, you need to get familiar with the machine.

Get used to how it works and that will help you to easily get to know if any its not working properly or not. It might give a sound sign, or any sign to tell you it needs servicing or attention and the only way you can get to know the signal is by your knowledge of it works.

How to choose a hunting bag with ozone

ozone bag for hunting

There are some important things that you need to carefully consider when choosing a hunting bag especially the one with an ozone machine. Here are some things you should consider:

  • Stitches

If you are getting a bag that will be loading all your hunting equipment, then you should get one that is made with higher quality stitches and can handle the rigour and demand of carrying heavy hunting tools from one place to another without any form of wear and tear. A quality stitch thus contributes to the lifespan of the bag. So, you should never overlook.

  • Ease of use

The ease of use is one of the factors you should consider. The design is a defining factor here. You need to consider that you have to carry the bag from your home to your hunting site and then opt for the easiest means to do that. You can either make use of the handle that comes with the bag or use a shoulder strap. Check to see if the bag you are about to get comes with the option you love to have.

  • Durability

The durability of the bag you are about getting is one of the factors that should never be overlooked. There are lots of factors that contribute to the durability and the major being the material the bag is made from. If you are considering getting a bag for hunting quest, then you have to ensure it is a durable one that can last you for a very long period.

  • Maintenance

If you fail to consider this factor, then you are up and ready for buying bags day in day out. You need to understand what it takes to take good care of your bag, how you can wash it and more. You need to know if it is hand washable, machine washable or both.

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Frequently asked questions

Ozone scent control – Does it work?

Yes. The use of Ozone scent control works than you could imagine. It is eco-friendly and that makes it safe to use without any threat to your health. The gas from the device helps to neutralize the smell on your hunting tools to ensure it is perfect for any hunting task.

How long does ozone last?

Ozone effects on your hunting tools or anything you’ve placed in the bag take about zero to thirty minutes to work effectively. Does that mean you can use your tools all through the day without any form of issue related to smell? the Ozone gas released on your gear will last from 30 minutes to 4 hours and thereafter breaks down into breathable oxygen that can easily be sensed by animals.

How does the scent crusher bag work?

This works through the use of a technology that makes use of ozone, a naturally occurring gas, to kill bacteria and other things that are the leading cause of the odour in hunting gears. The application isn’t magical in nature. The bag is already equipped with the OZONE machine and you just need to press the button on it to set it to work.

Does ozone smell spook deer?

Just because Ozone get rids of odour doesn’t mean it lacks its own trademark. i.e it has its own smell. That which makes it different is that ozone smell can blend with any molecule and so that makes it almost difficult for deer and other animals to know your secret.

How can I use the ozone scent control device?

That is one of the simplest things to do. Most of them come with instruction on how to do that, and on the machine are buttons to direct you on what exactly you are to do.

Can I use the ozone machine in my car?

Due to the versatility of this machine that comes with the bag, you can use it to disinfect and control odour in your car by plugging it to one of your car power outlets.

How do I wash a bag with ozone?

Don’t make the mistake of washing your bag when you have the ozone machine in there. You have to bring out the machine and then go ahead to wash.


Getting an ozone bag for hunting is sure a right decision if you have lots of hunting gears in the possession and you are faced with the task of hauling and also, the control of scent. The use of any of the OZONE hunting bags on these lists will save you lots of stress and money.

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